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Stress Sweat: Five Office Hacks to Stay Cool

man taking off a tie

By Charles Poladian

Deadlines, urgent emails, important meetings and client calls are a perfect recipe for stress sweat in the office. It happens, but there are ways to manage just how much you sweat at work. Here are five office hacks that will help stay cool, calm and collected.

Your Morning Routine

Don't let the most important meal of the day steal the spotlight. Your entire morning routine is key to getting your day off on the right foot. Leave enough time to take a shower, brush your teeth, and apply deodorant or antiperspirant so you're not rushing out the door while trying to put on your belt. Even if it takes waking up 10 minutes early, a relaxed morning will leave you feeling energized, clean and ready to tackle even the most daunting presentation. That's a winning formula to reduce stress and minimize sweat before it starts.

Skip the Spice

Your morning was packed with deadlines and the afternoon looks like more of the same with the bonus of back-to-back meetings. A peaceful lunch seems out of reach, which is why you want something comforting and fast. Enter the burrito. It's quick, fits in your hand and is loaded with that spicy salsa you love. All that heat though can cause you to sweat, according to the Mayo Clinic. When your face is on fire, your sweat glands will kick in to douse the flames.

Strong-smelling foods should also be taken off the lunch menu because they could worsen the smell of your body odor. It's less fun, but consider nixing the jalapenos and onions.

The Smell of Success

Some "me" time can go a long way to reducing stress sweat. Pampering yourself during work hours doesn't require an hour-long spa appointment. Take a five-minute walk around the block or pay a visit to your buddy and chat about anything but work.

Body wipes are a refreshing way to mentally reset, feel confident and tackle all those emails with "URGENT!!!" in the subject line. Lucky for you (and the people around you), there are plenty of body wipes on the market that smell just like soap. Wipe away the sweat from your face, do a quick swipe on your arms or the back of your neck and you'll feel refreshed. That bit of luxury will let you help lift the weight of your world off your shoulders, thus reducing stress and the subsequent sweat.

Say No to That Cup of Joe

For many, coffee is liquid gold. It jumpstarts the day, clears out the cobwebs and just tastes great. It can also increase how much you sweat. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks like soda can make you sweat, which means cutting down on these beverages during busy days will help you stay dry.

Dressing the Part

If you find yourself sweating through your favorite button-down during a busy day, pack an extra undershirt in your bag. The additional shirt can replace the one you're already wearing or can be used as an additional of layer of protection from stress sweat. Most importantly, you'll feel comfortable, which goes a long way when dealing with stress. An extra undershirt is also great for people with long commutes. Instead of arriving at the office feeling like you've already worked an entire day, the added shirt will give you a fresh start.

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