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Colgate has reached 1 billion children, and that's just the beginning. Colgate is on a mission to create a zero cavity future for all.

What can a healthy smile do? A healthy smile can inspire confidence, open doors, and launch dreams.

Colgate is championing a zero-cavity future, free from the world’s most prevalent chronic disease, tooth decay. And the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® oral health education initiative is at the heart of our commitment to end cavities. Since 1991, our global program has touched the lives of more than a billion children, providing free oral health education and dental care in over 80 countries. Kids learn powerful habits like brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. They laugh and feel empowered to keep their smiles healthy for a lifetime.

Colgate® Bright Smiles Bright Future

We don’t do this important work alone. We partner with parents, teachers, dental professionals, and governments, combining our expertise to accelerate progress through our proven curriculum and advocacy, ensuring that cavity prevention remains a top global health priority. Working together, we will reach two billion children by 2025.

At Colgate, we see a zero cavity future so that everyone can smile strong.

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