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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Colgate-Palmolive is a caring, innovative growth company that is reimagining a healthier future for all. Fulfilling this purpose inspires Colgate people to choose to work here every day. It guides the decisions we make and the standards we set for ourselves and the culture in which we work

Achieving our purpose starts with our people — ensuring our workforce represents the people and communities we serve — and creating an environment where our people feel they belong; where we can be our authentic selves, feel treated with respect and have the support of leadership to impact the business in a meaningful way. If we do these two things well, when we maintain diverse, open and honest input from each other, our partners and customers, we succeed.

Colgate is a global company with almost 34,000 dedicated and diverse employees developing innovations that people in more than 200 countries buy every day. By design and necessity, we are a diverse company. We work all over the world, bringing insights from our own experiences to Colgate to enrich our company culture and inform the products we make. By being a part of our communities, by living our values and by maximizing our individual talents and knowledge, we earn the trust of millions of people each day. In fact, the Colgate brand is found in more homes than any other in the world.

Our Strategy

We are clear and transparent about our intentions to advance DE&I at Colgate, and have three ambitions:

Foster a corporate culture where everyone feels they belong and has the tools to drive their own successes

Increase diverse representation across our organization, supply chain and partnerships to reflect the diversity of the world we serve

Leverage our global reach to advocate for diversity and help underserved communities and people thrive

Through these ambitions we aim to champion and be an industry leader in DE&I. Our DE&I strategy is based on four actionable pillars, each with their own goals and objectives:

PEOPLE: Implement policies, learning experiences and processes that promote awareness, empathy, advocacy and opportunity

COMMUNITY: Be an ally and driver for positive change

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY: Support minority and women-owned suppliers to promote the success of diverse businesses owners

COMMUNICATION: Build trust, be transparent and create dialogues that promote diversity, equity and inclusion 

Creating a culture of belonging

Embracing diverse voices everywhere, advocating for equity and fostering an inclusive work environment are not just things we do, but reflect who we are, what we value and how we think. It guides our work every day and our interactions with each other. It helps Colgate people around the world feel like this is a place where they belong; where they are respected and have the support of their manager and the company to impact the business and achieve their potential. This in turn helps us better run our business and serve our communities by forming relationships built on trust, respect and communication.

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Around the world

At Colgate, we continually strive to be an ally for positive change within the communities where we live and work. We focus our support on creating educational and professional pathways for underrepresented and underserved young people; sponsoring DE&I industry associations to spark change in industry; and supporting organizations that advance civil rights.

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Our global advertising has evolved to over represent the under represented. Whether in gender, race, disability, age, or LGBTQ status, our work reflects the reality of people in the world in a manner that is authentic and optimistic. We believe it’s important for both our underrepresented consumers and the majority to experience a world of positivity and optimism for people that have often been ignored or reflected in stereotypical ways. At Colgate, we stand up for a better world for everyone.

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Please read the latest Diversity Report to fully understand our beliefs, strategy and actions

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