• Living Our Values

    By living our Colgate Values of Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement, we create a culture in which people act as a team, working together toward common goals. Colgate’s three fundamental values are part of everything we do.

    Caring core value


    The Company cares about people: Colgate people, customers, consumers, shareholders and business partners. Our Company is committed to act with compassion, integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards in all situations, to listen with respect to others and to value differences. The Company is also committed to protect the global environment, to enhance the communities where Colgate people live and work, and to comply with all laws and regulations.

    global team work


    All Colgate people are part of a global team, committed to working together across countries and throughout the world. Only by sharing ideas, technologies and talents can the Company achieve and sustain profitable growth.

    continuos improvement


    Colgate is committed to getting better every day in everything it does, as individuals and as teams. Our Company will be successful by better understanding consumers’ and customers’ expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve products, services and processes.

  • Managing With Respect

    Managing with Respect is the way Colgate people put the Company’s values into action.

    It creates an environment where people feel free to offer suggestions, share ideas and make contributions to the organization.

    Managing with Respect reflects a work environment where people genuinely care about each other and work well together to reach their full potential.

    The Managing with Respect principles are:

    1. Communicate Effectively
    2. Give and Seek Feedback
    3. Value Unique Contributions
    4. Promote Teamwork
    5. Set the Example
  • Our Responsibility For The Code of Conduct


    The Role of All Colgate People:

    • Live Colgate’s Values and Managing with Respect principles to maintain our strong culture, which is based on integrity, ethical behavior and a commitment to do the right thing. 
    • Maintain the highest ethical standards and demonstrate ethical leadership. 
    • Understand your work environment; comply with Colgate policies and the Code of Conduct. 
    • Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable for ethical behavior. 
    • Promote ethical behavior by Speaking Up. Challenge behavior that conflicts with Colgate policies or the Code of Conduct. 
    • If you’re uncertain, ask questions and consult with your Manager, Human Resources, the Global Legal Organization, Ethics and Compliance or whoever is best equipped to provide advice.

    Remember: Your ethical leadership is critical to maintain the Company’s reputation for integrity.


    The Role Of Colgate People Managers:

    We look to Colgate people managers to lead responsibly by setting the example and exhibiting sound decision-making. Your responsibilities as Colgate people managers include:

    • Serve as a positive role model whose leadership reflects our caring culture, Managing with Respect principles and ethical behavior.
    • Reiterate the importance of ethical values and the Company’s commitment to ethical behavior.
    • Maintain an open-door policy and clearly communicate that your direct reports can come to you to report suspected misconduct.
    • Recognize that some employees are concerned about retaliation; reaffirm the Company’s nonretaliation policy.
    • Anticipate ethical dilemmas which might arise in your area of responsibility. Keep your eyes and ears open.
    • If you’re uncertain, ask questions and consult with your Manager, Human Resources, the Global Legal Organization, Ethics and Compliance or whoever is best equipped to provide advice.

    To obtain additional information, please refer to the online video Guidance for Managers on Speaking Up, which can be found on the Ethics and Compliance webpage on or on the Ethics and Compliance App.

    Maintaining the Highest Ethical Standards: Learn, Act, Speak Up.


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