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Answer to all your sweat questions

  • Sweaty hands palms

    Business handshake. Business handshake and business people concept. Two men shaking hands over sunny
  • What Are Meat Sweats?

    Group Of Men Cooking On Barbeque At Home
  • How to Stop Sweaty Hands: Is It Possible?

    Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting No doubt you've had sweaty hands and palms at one point or another. Learn more about the causes and how to stop sweaty hands.
  • Allergic to Sweat: Allergy or Just a Rash?

    Cardio runner running listening smartphone music. Unrecognizable body jogging on ocean beach or wate It may be hard to tell if you are allergic to sweat or if it's a heat rash. Find out more about sweat allergies including the signs and symptoms, here.
  • How to Reduce Sweating: Can You Stay Cool Under Pressure?

    Business Man Working At Office, Consultant Lawyer Concept How can you reduce sweating? Find out more about how you can stay cool under pressure and reduce sweating when under dress and more.
  • Stress Sweat: Five Office Hacks to Stay Cool

    Hot under the collar There are plenty of reasons for stress sweats. However, there are a couple of easy things you can do to reduce stress sweats throughout the day. Learn more.
  • Sweating After Eating: How Does Food Affect Sweat?

    Cheerful young man eating chinese take away food with chopsticks Sweating after eating can be triggered by spicy foods, and made more pungent depending what you eat. Time to learn why.
  • Is Sweating Good For Your Skin?

    Basketball Player Athlete Exercise Sport Stadium Concept Is sweating good for your skin? Find out more about sweating’s effect on your skin including potential problems that can arise and more.
  • Deodorant vs Antiperspirant: Which Should You Choose?

    Young Man Putting On Deodorant In The Bathroom The deodorant vs antiperspirant battle rages on. Both antiperspirants and deodorants have unique their own uses. Find out more on the differences, here.
  • What Causes Sweating: Have You Ever Wondered?

    Athletic Man Resting After Jogging At The Park Whether it's from being sick or from working out, your body will find a way to sweat. Find out more about why you sweat, here.
  • Aluminum-Free Deodorant: Is It Safe?

    Sporty Man Refreshing With Cold Water After Run Training In The Park - Sport Fitness Haappy Model Is aluminum-free deodorant the better choice? Find out more about aluminum in deodorant and if aluminum-free deodorant is the right choice for you.
  • Body Odor: Can You Manage It?

    Business Man Working At Office, Consultant Lawyer Concept Body odor can cause a number of issues; including to your self-confidence. Find out more about the causes of body odor as well as how you can control it.
  • What Is Sweat: Water, Salt ... What Else?

    Tired exhausted man runner sweating after cardio workout. Running male adult taking a break and brea What is sweat? Water, salt... but what else comprises sweat? You'll be surprised. Find out more about the composition of sweat, here.
  • Get Rid of Deodorant Stains: Is It Possible?

    Business Man With Sweating Under Armpit In Office Deodorant stains don't have to ruin your favorite clothes. Learn the causes, how to prevent deodorant stains, and how to get rid of deodorant stains.
  • Sweating While Sleeping Why And What You Can Do About It

    Young couple sleeping in embrace Do you sweat while you’re sleeping? Find out more about why you may sweat at night and find out what you can do about it, here.
  • Night Sweats Should You Be Concerned

    Man Looking At The Ceiling Are night sweats different than regular sweat Find out more about night sweats, causes, and how you can address it.
  • Underarm Odor How To Manage It

    Business Man Working At Office, Consultant Lawyer Concept Underarm odor is more than just an embarrassing situation. Bacteria is as much of a part of you as your hair or eyes and it may be sending secret messages.
  • Sweat Smells Like Vinegar Whats The Cause

    Does your sweat smell like vinegar or have a sour odor? Body odors are complex. Find out more about what can cause the smell of your sweat to change, and more.
  • Sweat Glands: What's Their Purpose?

    Sweaty Spot On The Shirt Because Of The Heat, Worries And Diffidence What are sweat glands? What is their purpose and why do we even sweat at all? Find out more about the types and function of sweat glands, here.
  • Sweat Rash: What's the Science Behind It?

    Running man sprinting for success on run. Male athlete runner training at fast speed. Muscular fit s Sweat rash is uncomfortable, but luckily it is treatable and preventable. Check out these facts about sweat rash.
  • Nervous Sweating: Can You Control It and Ace Your Interview?

    Businessmen on interview in office You're not alone with having issues with nervous sweating. Find out more about nervous sweating and how you can control it.
  • What Causes Night Sweats: Different Than Regular Sweat?

    Man In Bed With Eyes Opened Suffering Insomnia And Sleep Disorder Are night sweats different than regular sweat Find out more about night sweats, causes, and how you can address it.
  • Profuse Sweating: Can You Hide It?

    Disappointment Profuse sweating can be a real problem, especially in hotter and more humid weather. Learn more about how you can look your best and reduce excessive sweating.
  • Understanding Your Cold Sweats

    Sick man blowing his nose while sitting on bed at home What are cold sweats? Find out more about cold sweats, what causes them, and how you can better manage them.