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Diversity by the Numbers

At Colgate, we are committed to making progress against the aspirations that we set for ourselves with respect to inclusion and representation. We diligently manage, measure and report key performance metrics on our way to reaching the following goals:

  • Labor force representation among women across the world at all organizational levels.
  • Labor force representation of Black/African American, Latin and Asian ethnic groups in the US at all organizational levels.
  • Achieving inclusion scores in the top quartile of measured companies

Global Gender Data & Trends

Representation by Gender

In 2022, women represented 53% of our salaried and clerical workforce.

Hiring by Gender

We continue to hire women at a rate equal to or greater than the rate of men.

Gender Representation: Global Management

Senior Managers/Directors

We are continuing to approach equal representation between women and men for our Senior Managers/Directors.

Vice Presidents and above

We continue to make progress in advancing women at the VP level and will continue to work towards gender parity.

US Ethnicity Gender Data & Trends

Overall Representation by Ethnicity

Total People of Color representation is in line with the US Labor Force, however we need to make progress advancing Latin and Black/African American employees.

Senior Managers/Directors

We have essentially achieved or exceeded labor force representation at this organizational level for each enthic group. We are demonstrating improvement over time for Black/ African American and will continue our efforts to achieve meaningful progress.

Vice Presidents and Above

We are increasing representation overall for People of Color. We will monitor the data across all ethnic groups to ensure we maintain our progress.

Hiring by Ethnicity


Senior Managers/Directors/Vice Presidents and above

We are making progress in hiring people of color at senior levels of the Company. We saw a decrease in hiring Latin senior managers/directors due to a slowdown in hiring overall in the US that resulted from COVID-19. In 2023 we will work to address this.

You can find our most recently filed Federal Employer Information EEO-1 Reports here, representing our US employees as of December 2021. The categories in the EEO-1 are prescribed by the federal government and do not represent how our workforce is organized or how we measure our progress. As a result, we believe the information reported above may provide a more useful and meaningful reflection of our company’s diversity.

Please read the latest Diversity Report to fully understand our beliefs, strategy and actions

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