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The value of inclusion


Our Strategy

Colgate’s DE&I objective is to break down the barriers to equality of opportunity both within and outside our Company. We believe ALL people should have the opportunity to achieve their ambition based on their capability as opposed to their identity. To achieve our objective, our strategy has three ambitions:

1. Foster a corporate culture where everyone feels they belong and has the tools to drive their own successes.

2. Explore diverse talent pools as we seek qualified talent and supply chain partners, and implement unbiased policies, which will ultimately enable us to make progress toward our long-term aspiration of representation in line with qualified labor force availability.

3. Leverage our global reach and the strength of our brands to break down barriers that limit people from underrepresented populations, specifically around health, education and career opportunities.

Through these ambitions, we aim to champion and be an industry leader in DE&I, focused on four pillars:


Create a sense of belonging by implementing policies, learning experiences and processes that drive inclusion.


Be an ally and driver for positive change.

Supplier Diversity

Provide equal opportunity for qualified diverse businesses to compete for business with our Company.


Build trust, be transparent and create dialogues that promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our Values

We are Caring.

We are united in making the world a better place. We believe that everyone deserves a healthier life. We lead with empathy, respect and gratitude. We act with integrity, doing things the right way, for the right reasons, no matter what. We support others by generously sharing our resources and our talents. We work every day to earn the trust of all our stakeholders.

We are Inclusive.

We create a sense of belonging for all. We cultivate an environment where people can be their authentic selves. We foster a culture of belonging where everyone feels valued, part of a global team, and empowered to do extraordinary things. We design the best solutions by embracing the unique talents, perspectives, and backgrounds of our diverse workforce. We form the strongest teams and create powerful pathways for our people and communities, to break through everyday barriers for equality of opportunity.

We are Courageous.

We are infinitely curious, constantly searching for better ways of working. We challenge each other and how we do things, unafraid to disrupt the status quo, boldly and intentionally innovating, exploring, and reaching for what is possible. We recognize that to grow and thrive we must build on the power of our legacy, our scale, and reach for good and for all.

Our values reflect who we are.

Leadership Principles

These principles were introduced in 2022 and guide how we lead our people and are essential elements of how we continue to be an inclusive organization.

We Cultivate Trust

  • Listen with empathy
  • Speak openly
  • Grow together

We Create the Future

  • Pursue our curiosity 
  • Courageously change
  • Recognize progress

We Commit to Impact

  • Provide clarity
  • Take ownership
  • Do what's right

Please read the latest Diversity Report to fully understand our beliefs, strategy and actions

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