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Colgate-Palmolive Earns 13th Consecutive ENERGY STAR®  Partner of the Year Award

Colgate Max Fresh UltraFreeze Technology: A Cooling Revolution in Oral Care

Colgate-Palmolive Earns 13th Consecutive ENERGY STAR®  Partner of the Year Award

July 3, 2024

During regular feedback sessions with consumers a few years ago, Colgate-Palmolive flavorists, scientists and researchers asked participants who used Colgate Max Fresh what more they wanted from the toothpaste.  There was an overwhelming consensus: a longer-lasting, cooling sensation during and after brushing their teeth. 

Michelle Miguelino, a Principal Scientist and Flavorist in Colgate-Palmolive’s Research & Development (R&D) division, and her colleagues took this feedback and headed to the lab with one goal in mind: “How can we deliver an exhilarating moment of freshness where the consumer is completely amazed by a powerful and long-lasting cooling experience?”

After years of research, formulation, and testing, Colgate released UltraFreeze Technology in 2023—a unique, proprietary formulation that creates an enhanced cooling experience in Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste.

The Science Behind Cooling 

The call for more cooling from Colgate Max Fresh users didn’t come as a huge surprise to Miguelino and others at Colgate. 

Menthol, an organic compound derived from mint and commonly found in toothpaste, activates cold-sensitive receptors in the mouth, tricking the brain into feeling “cool” without any real temperature drop. Due in part to evolutionary preferences, psychological effects, and cultural associations, people often interpret this “cool” feeling as freshness.

When people begin to brush their teeth with mint toothpaste, the cooling tingle that they experience in their mouth and nose is driven by menthol. As the mint toothpaste starts to coat the surface of teeth, tongue, and gums, the cooling experience increases. 

That is, until they have to spit and rinse. “At this point, the cooling plateaus and fades away,” Miguelino said. 

The Journey to UltraFreeze Technology 

Faced with the challenge of enhancing the staying power of that fresh, cool feeling, Miguelino and Stephen Sun, Fellow and Senior Flavorist, embarked on an ambitious quest with the R&D team. “Colgate has always been focused on delivering long-lasting freshness and cooling,” Miguelino said. “What we wanted to figure out was how we could break down the cooling experience for a consumer and bring all aspects to the next level.”

Embracing the latest in cooling technology advancements, Sun and Miguelino meticulously screened hundreds of molecules and ingredients, prioritizing those that met the highest quality and safety criteria. 

They then experimented with various combinations to develop UltraFreeze Technology—an innovative and breakthrough formulation that goes beyond upfront high-intensity cooling during brushing and significantly extends its duration. “We've synergized multiple components to enhance the cooling sensation dramatically," Miguelino said. 

In late 2023, UltraFreeze technology began to roll out in Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste worldwide. 

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